Love is Love. Grief is Grief.
We grieve in direct proportion to how much we love.

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Welcome to Embracing Your Grief.

My name is Stephanie Rogers, and I am a certified Grief Counselor and Thanatologist (the study of death) with specializations in Child and Adolescent Grief and Animal Companion Loss Recovery. I have been a practicing Grief Counselor, Support Group Facilitator, Death Midwife, and End-of-Life Speaker and Educator since 2004.

Since 2017, I have worked almost exclusively in the world of veterinary medicine as an Animal Companion Loss Recovery Specialist, providing one-on-one and group grief support to those who have lost, either by death, disappearance, or displacement, a non-human family member.

I provide individual, couples, and family/group grief counseling for all types of loss, including Complicated, Traumatic, Cumulative, Collective, Disenfranchised (meaning the loss is not readily acknowledged or supported by society), and Anticipatory Grief.

So, whether you are looking for support following the loss of a life partner after a long term illness, the sudden death by violence of a co-worker, the multiple losses associated with COVID-19, or the death of a beloved family member of any species, I hope you will consider scheduling some time with me.

My intention is always to provide:

  • A safe place in which to embrace your grief. A place in which all are welcome, where all are free of judgment, and where all are assured of respect.
  • Heart-centered support to those living with losses of all kinds, especially those whose losses may be disenfranchised.
  • Experience-based information and education about death, dying, grief, and loss.

Please know that whatever you’re feeling, you are not alone. I hope you will consider giving me the honor of walking alongside you for a while.



Please click here for services and fees.
Sliding scale rates are available. Please contact me to discuss.



  1. Part 2. Okay, I figured out the search for a local counselor. I am really not thinking clearly.

  2. Important that DC veterinarian practices know about this website, so they can offer to grieving pet owners.

  3. Hello Stephanie, a friend of mine sent the link for your holiday pet session. Unfortunately I was not able to attend. Will you be having any other grief sessions in the future? I had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Leo the day after Christmas last year. This time brings Very painful memories to my husband and myself. Please send me an email if you will be having some thing else. Thank you and God bless you for doing this.

    1. Thank you, Lori, for your message. I’m sorry that I’m only now responding — for some reason, notification of your comment didn’t show up for me until this past weekend.

      I’m afraid that was the only grief session I held this past holiday season. Hopefully we’ll be able to connect at another one in the future.

      Be sure that you talk to Leo and ask him to help you and your husband as you continue to adjust to life without his physical presence. He will find ways to help you — they always do.

      Wishing you all the best,

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