Embracing Your Grief

Embracing Your Grief

Stephanie Rogers, GCCA-C, CT
Grief Counselor – Animal Companion Loss Support Specialist – Intuitive Guide

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Stephanie Rogers is a certified Grief Counselor and Thanatologist with specializations in Child and Adolescent Grief and Animal Companion Loss Support. She has been a practicing Grief Counselor, Support Group Facilitator, Death Midwife, and End-of-Life Speaker and Educator since 2004. She has been an Intuitive all her life.

Stephanie provides individual, couples, and family/group grief counseling for all types of loss, including Disenfranchised, Traumatic, Cumulative, Collective, Complicated, Prolonged, and Anticipatory Grief.

She also appears frequently on grief podcasts and as a featured speaker at grief seminars.

At Embracing Your Grief, you will find:

  • A safe place in which to fully embrace your grief. A place in which all are welcome, where all are free of judgment, and where all are assured of respect.
  • Heart-centered support to those living with losses of all kinds, especially those whose losses may be disenfranchised and whose communities may be marginalized.

Love is love. Grief is grief.
We grieve in direct proportion to how much we love.

Stephanie Rogers, GCCA-C, CT