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Stephanie Rogers, GCCA-C, CT

Grief Counselor and Animal Companion Loss Support Specialist

I am a certified Grief Counselor and Thanatologist with specializations in Child and Adolescent Grief and Animal Companion Loss Recovery. I have been a practicing Grief Counselor, Support Group Facilitator, Death Midwife, and End-of-Life Speaker and Educator since 2004. (Please visit this page for more information on my appearances and interviews.)

Since 2017, I have worked almost exclusively in the world of veterinary medicine as an Animal Companion Loss Recovery Specialist, providing one-on-one and group grief support to those who have lost, either by death, disappearance, or displacement, a non-human family member.

I provide individual, couples, and family/group grief counseling for all types of loss, including Disenfranchised, Traumatic, Cumulative, Collective, Complicated, Prolonged, and Anticipatory Grief.

So, whether you are looking for support following the loss of a life partner after a long-term illness, the sudden death by violence of a coworker, the multiple losses associated with COVID-19, or the death of a beloved family member of any species, I hope you will consider scheduling some time with me.

My intention is always to provide:

  • A safe place in which to embrace your grief. A place in which all are welcome, where all are free of judgment, and where all are assured of respect.
  • Heart-centered support to those living with losses of all kinds, especially those whose losses may be disenfranchised. (“Disenfranchised loss” is loss not readily recognized and/or honored by society at large.)
  • Experience-based information and education about death, dying, grief, and loss

Please know that whatever you’re feeling, you are not alone. I hope you will consider giving me the honor of walking alongside you for a while.

Love is love. Grief is grief.

We grieve in direct proportion to how much we love.

Stephanie Rogers, GCCA-C, CT
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