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These are troubling times. Challenging times. And, as in almost all troubling and challenging times, many people are experiencing loss. Not just in the “usual” way — the end of physical life — but in other less tangible, but no less devastating, ways.

Loss of job, of income, of routine and freedom as a result of the necessary “social distancing” that may well be in place for months to come. Loss of health, of autonomy, of peace of mind due to the virus itself — these are just some of the losses that combine to create what we are experiencing as a global community and as individuals within that global community: The Loss of Normal.

We are all grieving, whether we realize it consciously or not — we are grieving The Loss of Normal.

Be patient — with yourself and with others.
Be gentle — with yourself and with others.
Be compassionate — with yourself and with others.
Be grateful — for all you have in each singular moment.
Be open — to receiving the lessons of loss, one of the greatest of which is the realization of Oneness, the realization in our enforced solitude that we are not, and never have been, really alone at all.

I offer you these words of Thomas Merton, in the hopes that you will find comfort in their quiet power as I have done.

You are not alone.


Sending all and each of you so much love,

It's your hands I miss

When I got there,
they were already
but pliable.
not stone.

I lifted them to my lips.
Breathed on them.
As though I could
the life you had given me
into them.

It didn't work.


They are
what I miss

They are just what I miss

How I wish you had
that polished
to be
to ash.

Then I could have mixed
of you with ink and had you
into my skin.

So that

I could look at my foot
and see your eye,

at my arm
and see your toes

at my hand
and see your

So that I could
your body in mine
as you carried
in yours.